Introducing SumoBots Battle Royale – Represent your esports team on a real-life robot arena

Surrogate is releasing its latest game title where players can battle real-life robots over the internet.

ESPOO, Finland – December 2, 2019 – Surrogate, a reality-focused game-development and video-streaming technology company, releases its first major game title: SumoBots Battle Royale. According to the company, this is a first-of-its-kind online game, where players can battle real-life robots over the internet. The game is launched in collaboration with major e-sports teams – The Alliance, Excel Esports, Team Heretics, ENCE, Team Empire, and Mousesports. Each of the six robots represents one of the teams, and players can play on behalf of their team and score points for their favorite powerhouse. The season’s winning team will receive the winner’s cup and “own” the arena for the next season of the game.

The game is completely free and can be accessed on Desktop and Mac via Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox internet browsers:

“We’re excited to release our latest game, SumoBots Battle Royale! Back in the early 2000s, TV shows like Robot Wars and BattleBots paved the way for robot-fighting entertainment. But, while watching robots battling is super fun, that’s all you were able to do back then – just watch. So, we decided to take it a step further and create the first online robot arena where you don’t just watch but actually battle your own real-life robot over the internet!” says Shane Allen, CEO at Surrogate.

Represent your powerhouse

The company announced earlier that the game has been developed in collaboration with major e-sports powerhouses. The main idea behind the collaboration is that each of the six fighting robots represents one of the e-sports teams. Players get to choose which team they want to play on behalf of, and, if they win, the e-sports team scores a point. At the end of the season (January 2, 2020), the e-sports team with the most points becomes the winner of the season and gets to own the arena for the next month.

When an e-sports team owns the arena, the game will be rethemed to fit the brand of the winning team.

Real-life battle royale

SumoBots Battle Royale combines the rules of traditional sumo wrestling and the dynamics of the popular video game genre Battle Royale. The game starts with six players on the playfield. Just as with sumo, the goal of the game is to stay inside the arena for the longest time possible, until there’s only one player left. However, the playfield isn’t static. The arena is made out of 17 modular blocks, each of which can drop down at any second. As the playfield gets smaller, staying alive becomes increasingly challenging. 

Vote on how the arena shrinks

Instead of dropping the arena blocks at random to shrink the playfield, the arena behavior is instead defined by the people currently watching the game. So, during every game, watchers get to vote on which blocks should fall next.

Build video

To inspire other makers and to showcase how the Surrogate team has built its first major game title, the company has released a build video:

Powered by SurroRTG

To bring these types of experiences to the masses and enable anyone to build real-life games, Surrogate has developed a proprietary real-life game-development engine called SurroRTG. It allows seamless connection and control of robots and brings near-instant, high-definition video-streaming to both the watchers and players.

SumoBots Battle Royale is the first major title released by the studio. Previously, the company released two mini-games: Race Real Cars 1:43, in which players can race real remote-controlled 1:43 scale cars, and Batman ’66 Pinball, which allows anyone in the world to play pinball on a real-life pinball machine over the internet.

About Surrogate

Surrogate is a reality-focused game-development and video-streaming technology company. Founded in 2018, Surrogate’s vision is to enable Surrogate Reality experiences that blur the lines between reality and gaming. The company has recently secured a seed round of investment from top gaming VCs and is developing inspiring gaming titles based on the company’s near-instant, low-latency, high-definition video-streaming technology and control solution, SurroRTG. The company is headquartered in Finland and is actively growing its headcount from its nine current employees. For more information, visit or follow Surrogate on Twitter @SurrogateTV.

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