Surrogate Games partners with major esports teams to bring real-life gaming to the masses

The company is announcing a strategic initiative with major esports powerhouses to bring Surrogate Reality experiences to the masses.

ESPOO, Finland – November 29, 2019 – Surrogate, a reality-focused game-development and video-streaming technology company, has announced a collaboration with The Alliance, Excel Esports, Team Heretics, ENCE, Team Empire, and Mousesports. According to the company, the partnership will focus on enabling a competitive esports experience for Surrogate’s upcoming game title, which will be released to the public on December 2nd.

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with some of the most renowned esports teams out there. Esports is a perfect example of how the internet can connect people all over the world, giving everyone a fair chance to compete on a global scale. By combining real-life gaming and esports, we’re bringing a new type of online entertainment to the masses,” says Shane Allen, CEO of Surrogate.

From MOBA to FPS and RTS

The company is gathering the leading teams from different video games into a real-life battle arena. Team Heretics is one of the leading esports teams in Spain and has a long history in CS: GO. Mousesports is Germany’s esports powerhouse, focusing heavily on FPS games. The Finnish team ENCE is the home to the best StarCraft II player in the World. Excel Esports is one of the leading League of Legends teams from the United Kingdom. Team Empire from the CIS region is renowned for being the best team in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. The Alliance is the legendary Swedish Dota 2 team, which has previously won “The International”, the biggest Dota 2 competition in the world. 

By combining the competitive fanbases of all the leading video game genres, including MOBA, FPS, and RTS, Surrogate’s upcoming title will allow the world to watch the best players in a new dimension of online gaming, where everything happens in real life. 

Connecting esports teams with fans like never before

According to Surrogate, the upcoming title enables a new type of online interaction between the esports teams and their fanbase. This is a first-of-its-kind experience in which players from anywhere in the world can represent their favorite team in real life over the internet, allowing the fans to show their support like never before. 

Built for the watchers

Surrogate’s upcoming title is built with watchers in mind. The company has developed new, previously unseen features, in which watchers and players in the queue will be able to affect the way a game behaves in an ongoing match. 

What is a real-life online game? 

Real-life gaming is an emerging form of online gaming in which games are played in the real world. People play the game over the internet from anywhere in the world and interact with the physical world using remote-controlled robotics. 

To bring these types of experiences to the masses and enable anyone to build real-life games, Surrogate has developed a proprietary real-life game-development engine called SurroRTG. It allows seamless connection and control of robots and brings near-instant, ultra-low-latency video-streaming to the players. 

First major title

This is the first major title released by the studio. Previously, the company has released two mini-games: Race Real Cars 1:43, in which players can drive real remote-controlled 1:43 scale cars, and DeadFlip’s Batman ’66 Pinball, where anyone in the world can play pinball on a real-life pinball machine over the internet. 

About Surrogate Games 

Surrogate is a reality-focused game-development and video-streaming technology company. Founded in 2018, Surrogate’s vision is to enable Surrogate Reality experiences that blur the lines between reality and gaming. The company has recently secured a seed round of investment from top gaming VC’s and is developing inspiring gaming titles based on the company’s near-instant low-latency video-streaming technology and control solution, SurroRTG. The company is headquartered in Finland and is actively growing its headcount from its nine current employees. For more information, visit or follow Surrogate on Twitter @SurrogateTV

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