raises $2 million to bring real-life gaming to the internet

Company secures venture capital funding to rethink the traditional video game development process from the get-go.

Helsinki, Finland – July 15, 2019 –Surrogate, the reality-focused game development and video streaming technology company, announced its seed round of investment from Initial Capital, PROfounders Capital, Brighteye Ventures, and Business Finland. The investment enables Surrogate to rapidly build up its “Surrogate Reality” game portfolio while continuing to enhance the company’s low-latency video streaming technology SurroRTG.

To date, video games continue to be developed with the same limitations that existed at the time of Pong – creating fake physics and fake graphics in an attempt to mimic real-life. At Surrogate, we want to rethink this process by bringing in unique benefits that the real world has to offer and using them as major elements in the video gaming experience. Backed by some of the most well-recognized venture funds in the world, we’re building a new category of online entertainment – completely blurring the lines between what real and virtual worlds should and can be. We look forward to releasing the first stages of Surrogate gaming in the coming months.” —Shane Allen, CEO and Cofounder of Surrogate

“The lines between watching and interacting with entertainment content are blurring and Surrogate is pushing the boundaries even further by building the tools that enable anyone to watch and play real-life games remotely. We’re excited to be adding Surrogate to our portfolio, and we look forward to being a part of the team as they bring their vision to life.” —Matteo Vallone, Principal at Initial Capital

About the investment

The investment round is led by Initial Capital, an early stage Supercell investor, and is followed by PROfounders Capital, which recently exited from Small Giant Games in a large $700M buyout by Zynga, as well as Brighteye Ventures, an EU-focused EdTech VC fund. Following the investment, the company has also secured funding from Business Finland – reaching a total seed round of 2 million US Dollars.

Connecting the world with SurroRTG

SurroRTG is Surrogate’s proprietary software technology package that allows near-instant low-latency video streaming over the internet. According to Surrogate, the software is designed specifically for Surrogate Reality experiences – letting people interact with reality as if they were physically there, even if they are on the other side of the Earth.

What is Surrogate Reality?

According to Shane Allen, the CEO of Surrogate, Surrogate Reality is the closest possible thing to experiencing something in real-life over the internet. He also mentioned that compared to traditional games, where realism is measured in Teraflops, Surrogate’s approach measures latency as the key variable that defines the immersiveness of the experience.

Surrogate’s first mini-game releases will be happening in August 2019 and will be available on the company’s website

About Surrogate

Surrogate is the reality-focused game development and video streaming technology company. Founded in 2018, Surrogate’s vision is to enable Surrogate Reality experiences that blur the lines between reality and gaming. The company has recently secured its seed round of investment and is developing its first gaming titles based on the company’s near-instant, low-latency video streaming technology package, SurroRTG. The company is headquartered in Finland and is actively growing its headcount of currently 10 employees. For more information, visit or follow Surrogate on Twitter @SurrogateTV.


For more information, please contact: 

Stan Dmitriev

Chief Marketing Officer, Surrogate


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  • Jess Lee

    July 15, 2019 at 5:44 pm

    This sounds super interesting, I just joined the BETA team and can’t wait to see what you guys are up to!


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