GameNewsPartnershipDecember 2, 2019Introducing SumoBots Battle Royale – Represent your esports team on a real-life robot arena

Surrogate is releasing its latest game title where players can battle real-life robots over the internet.

NewsPartnershipNovember 29, 2019Surrogate Games partners with major esports teams to bring real-life gaming to the masses

The company is announcing a strategic initiative with major esports powerhouses to bring Surrogate Reality experiences to the masses. 

NewsJuly 15, raises $2 million to bring real-life gaming to the internet

Company secures venture capital funding to rethink the traditional video game development process from the get-go.

Our VisionApril 30, 2019Building the next generation of online games

Challenging the limitations of video games by redefining what a game engine is

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